So what flooring products do Floormart supply?

1. Carpet
2. Vinyl
3. Wooden Flooring
4. Carpet Tiles

5. Garage Carpet
6. Sisal
7. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)
8. Cork

Quality Flooring Products from Floormart

At Floormart we provide a wide range of products for all your flooring needs, both residential and commercial.

So whether you are looking for the warm comfort of carpet, durability and ease of cleaning of vinyl, or clean lines and timeless quality of wooden flooring we have the product for you.

For your home

We know that the flooring in your house helps create a stylish and welcoming home, which is why we offer a multitude of products specifically designed to look good whilst withstanding modern day life.

For your commercial space

We have been working on commercial projects with a wide range of businesses since 1988 and know that providing sound advice and quality flooring products combined with seamless operational processes is the service you need to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.


Treat your home and yourself with a new carpet

Carpet is a warm, versatile flooring option that is a popular choice in NZ homes as well as in many commercial buildings. A new carpet can bring a touch of luxury to a bedroom, elegance to a living room and a warm welcome to an entrance hall.

When choosing a new carpet the first things that spring to mind are generally colour and design. Whilst both are important there is more to consider. Much of the versatility that carpet offers comes from the choice of materials and textures.

A choice of fibres to suit you and your budget

One of the premium fibers is wool. It is soft, retains its appearance, long-lasting as well as having sound and heat insulation properties. In addition to this it is naturally flame retardant and sustainably sourced. As you would expect, with all of these benefits, it tends to be more expensive than other fibres available.

The alternatives are man-made: nylon, polyester and polypropylene. These can be a good value option particularly for high traffic areas or those more likely to get damaged such as children’s bedrooms. Synthetics are all stain resistant and durable and like wool are insulating.

The further option is to choose a blended carpet, in most cases a mixture of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. This gives you the optimum qualities of both types of fibre.

Choosing a Fibre


Wool is the premium fibre choice for your home. It has a wonderful list a luxury characteristics

  • It is a natural, environmentally sound and sustainable from a totally renewable resource
  • It has a soft luxurious feel
  • Naturally stain a soil resistant
  • Naturally crush resistant, recovers from crushing better than any other carpet fibre
  • Insulates, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Has no sense of chill or heat when you first step on a wool carpet
  • Natural flame retardant because of its high protein content
  • Improves air quality
  • Will however fade and deteriorate in direct Hawkes Bay sun, and in time is prone to carpet beetle attack

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN)

Solution dyed nylon carpet has some excellent features in busy New Zealand homes. This product is designed to mimic the characteristics of wool. Some types can also be recycled

  • SDN has strength and elasticity, excellent in heavy traffic areas, and will bounce back and regain its original shape
  • Resistant to mould
  • Resistant to sun damage. Special dyes can be used to make it resistant to sun damage from UV light
  • Spill and stain resistant. Absorbs less than 8% of its weight in water. Some SDN Carpets is stain protected,easy to clean
  • Minimal pilling and sheddings
  • Heats sets well. SDN will retain its crimp, twist and dye extremely well
  • However will melt if sparks fall on it
  • Don’t use your clothes iron on SDN carpet

Soft Touch SDN

This is a new development now available. It is an extremely soft fibre. Has all the characteristics of the standard SDN but it feels more luxurious due to its softness. Does have a tendency to track more than standard SDN

Polypropylene Carpet

Polypropylene is a synthetic material. It is a very cost effective and affordable carpet. As a broadloom carpet it is often used in commercial situations, and rental properties, usually tufted and a loop pile carpet texture.

  • It resists fading as it is usually solution dyed
  • Does not shed and is very stain resistant
  • Water resistant properties so wont go mouldy as easily
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can be cleaned by mild solutions or bleach
  • Oil based stains are harder to remove
  • Not flame resistant
  • Less resilient – will flatten esp in busy traffic areas

Polyester Carpet and PTT Triexta

Polyester carpet is a very affordable carpet option. More polyester carpet is manufactured than any other carpet worldwide, it has become a very popular yarn in the production of carpet.

  • It is very stain resistant, water based stains, Polyester is a great water repellant
  • Quick to dry after cleaning
  • Soft and luxurious feel. More prone to flatten and tracks more easily
  • PTT Triettra is reckoned to be some of the softest carpet available
  • Can be manufactured in a huge variety of colours
  • Eco-friendly. A good percentage of this carpet is made from recycled plastic bottles (eg Cola)
  • Non static
  • Fibres may become fuzzy in high traffic areas
  • Although stain resistant, stains are more easily removed if done immediately

Choosing the right texture

In addition to a range of fibres, there are a variety of different textured finishes available. Different finishes will be more appropriate for particular rooms. The main options are:


Made from twisted cut fibres that lend themselves to most rooms that will take carpet in the house. They are less likely to show marks than other finishes and are hard-wearing.


Made from uncut loops of yarn that can be flat or textured. They  have a woven look and hold their shape well. Loop may not be a good idea if you have pets though, as the loops can get caught in their claws.


This is a cut pile like twist, but offers a more luxurious finish.


Again a more luxurious option. It has a deeper pile, giving a cosy feel that people often appreciate in bedrooms where they walk in bare feet.

The benefits of choosing carpet

  • Comfy, soft and warm under foot
  • Offers a huge range of options with various fibres, colours, patterns, and textures
  • Provides heat and sound insulation
  • You can pick a carpet to match most budgets
  • Non-slip

Which rooms are most suitable for carpet?

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms

Carpet is suitable for most rooms in the house with the exception of the kitchen and the bathroom, where it would be likely to come into frequent contact with moisture and spillages.

However, different types of carpet will suit different rooms better. So for instance you are likely to want a thicker pile carpet in the bedroom where it will feel luxurious on bare feet as you climb in and out of bed. But this would not be appropriate for a staircase or by the front door where frequent footfall will leave it looking flat and prone to gathering dirt.

Want the right carpet for you?

If you are looking for new carpet for your home or business, call Floormart today! We will:-

  • Help you choose the best carpet for you
  • Provide an accurate, free no obligation measure and quotation
  • Supply and fit the carpet you choose with our hassle free, no mess, friendly service

We pride ourselves on our after sales service too, so should any problems arise we will be here to assist you.


Create a Beautiful Room with Quality Vinyl Flooring

Water resistant, durable and easy to clean, vinyl is an excellent choice for both your home and commercial premises, lending itself particularly to bathrooms,laundry, back entrance and kitchens.

Available in a wide range of styles, design details and safety technologies, vinyl is an affordable option offering style, durability and long-lasting performance; so you are bound to find one that suits your tastes.

The Benefits of choosing Vinyl:

  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of choice and beautiful styles available

A Choice of Design to Suit You

The full benefits of vinyl often go unrecognised and you may be surprised by the sheer number of designs mimicking wood, stone, tiles etc.and colour opportunities that vinyl flooring can offer. Accessible in both sheet and tile,  to give your home the wow factor you want in a very cost effective way.

In addition to a full range of designs, vinyl is available in a variety of textured finishes from smooth to pebbled. Adding texture to your flooring is ideal, can create a more rustic ,stone , slate, ceramic or distressed finish, It is also warm underfoot and has excellent acoustic qualities making it a more sensible option for apartments or upper floors.

Designed to Last

Designed for high durability, vinyl flooring is both resilient and hard-wearing making it a perfect option for both homes and commercial environments alike. With substantial slip resistant features and low maintenance, hygienic properties, vinyl is a perfect solution for high traffic areas such as kitchens that have to cope with family life, pets and potential frequent spillages

If you are looking for a durable and practical floor covering for your home or commercial building and are considering vinyl flooring get in touch with the friendly team at Floormart.

Wooden Flooring

Wow your Visitors with Wonderful Wooden Flooring

If you want a floor of distinction and timeless quality then wood may be at the top of your list. The clean lines and wonderful natural look can transform a room into a truly special place.

Different types of wood have different qualities – not least colour and hardness. But there are other factors to consider as well. Solid wood and engineered wood are the two genuine options but people interested in wood will often consider laminate, which if selected correctly can be a convincing cost effective substitute.

Solid wood

As the name suggests each piece is a solid unique piece of timber and provides maximum character. If scratched or damaged, solid wood can be sanded down to return it to its original finish. It can however be more susceptible to damage from excessive water or changes in temperature

Engineered wood

It provides greater stability than solid wood, is easier to lay and less expensive but still gives you the authentic wooden finish. Engineered wood flooring is made from 100% real wood, and comes in two variations; a hardwood top layer with a plywood backing, or two backing layers of spruce or birch, finished with a top layer of hardwood.


An image of wood is laminated onto a backing board. This is a cheaper way to achieve a wood look and is an extremely durable and scratch resistant option. The wood effect can be created to a high standard though the selection of a quality product. Laminate can also be used to get a wood effect in bathrooms where real wood is not suitable due to excessive moisture

The benefits of Choosing Wooden Flooring

  • A timeless, high quality and warm look
  • Various styles can be achieved from rustic to contemporary
  • Hard-wearing
  • Easy to clean

Which Rooms are Most Suitable for Wooden Flooring?

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms

Wooden floors look fantastic in most rooms. Moisture is the main thing to watch out for, so they are not recommended for bathrooms,laundries,shower rooms, However, you could get around this by going for a laminate Product.

Think Wooden Flooring might be right for you?

Carpet Tiles

A Practical and Stylish Choice

Offering functionality and the potential for creativity, carpet tiles are particularly suitable for commercial properties but are also perhaps an underused type of flooring for the home.

As the name suggests they are fitted as individual tiles of carpet that are laid together to fill a room. This makes it an efficient way to purchase carpet as there is less waste than if you were to buy it off the roll as you do with traditional carpet. Carpet tiles may be worth particular consideration if you are re-flooring an unusually shaped room.

It also affords you the chance to design your own floor by mixing and matching different combinations of tile. So for instance you can create an attractive pattern, or mark out different sections of a room according to the use – like a dining area in an open plan living space.

Another benefit of carpet tiles is that, should you have an accident and say drop a cup of coffee on the floor leaving a stain, you can just pull up the tile affected and replace it rather than having to live with the stain or replace the entire carpet.

The Benefits of Choosing Carpet Tiles

  • Less waste when they are installed
  • Give you the potential to create your own design
  • Easy to replace one tile should it become stained or damaged

Which Rooms are Most Suitable for Carpet Tiles?

  1. Commercial premises
  2. Hallway
  3. Dining room
  4. Gyms and garages
  5. Sunrooms

Although they will not be for everyone, carpet tiles have more flexibility than normal carpet. This can make them better suited to a kitchen where you have more options should you stain or damage the floor.

They are also a popular choice for offices, schools and other commercial or public places.

Think Carpet Tiles might be right for you?


Sisal is a totally natural, very hard-wearing, eco-friendly recyclable carpet. It is a contemporary and elegant carpet that is total “class”.

It is often made into a customised rugs for front entrances and can be bordered with a variety of binding including dute or  leather, it looks magic.

  • Sustainable
  • Recyclable
  • Beautiful natural colours and textures
  • Durable, especially on stairs
  • Non toxic and contributes to air quality in the house
  • Resists static
  • Some stains difficult to remove and steam cleaning is not recommended
  • Not a soft material so is rough to touch

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury tiles or planks tend to create a very authentic wood or tile look alike. The use of advanced technology has created a multi layer vinyl stone or ceramic look, and mimics the real thing. First glance, many people think it is the real thing. It is constructed of several layers, a transparent wear layer on the surface usually between 3 to 7mm, it is scratch resistant, durable, hard wearing, minimising damage from shoes, knives etc and the shifting of heavy white wear. Installation involves direct glueing to the floors, on both timber or concrete surfaces. Caution needs to be taken on floors likely to get direct sunlight. This product could fade. Also expansion and contraction can occur under these conditions, speak to your Floormart team for advice.

Rooms Suitable For LVT Tiles Or Planks.

  • Kitchen
  • Dining and Living rooms
  • Hallways and entrances
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries

Think Luxury Vinyl Tiles might be right for you?


Cork flooring tiles is another option when considering new flooring.

As a totally natural flooring solution it offers many benefits for those looking for an eco friendly product.

Features and benefits include

  • Non toxic
  • Ideal for allergy conditions
  • Warm
  • Brilliant sound insulator
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Large range of natural patterns and also colour options
  • No delamination
  • Can be installed into any room in your home
  • 6mm thickness and comes in several sizes