Quality Bedroom Carpets and Flooring for a Unique and Personal Space

For many, a bedroom it is a very special and personal space. It is important to spend  time and consideration in getting the right ambience, décor and comfort.  Choosing the right flooring is therefore just as important as selecting a bed or other furniture and accessories.

Whether your bedroom is contemporary, minimalist,or traditional it is a haven of peace and tranquility and  there are a wide range of flooring options, that will work really well to help you create a truly unique and personal space.

Our team at Floormart, can help you to select the right type of bedroom flooring whether you are considering carpets, natural wood, quality laminate, rugs or even vinyl, we can give advice on colours to ensure it matches perfectly to your existing or planned bedroom decor.

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Bedroom carpets

The most popular choice of flooring for bedrooms is undoubtedly carpet as it provides a soft, warm and luxurious surface when getting in and out of bed.  It also has an insulating effect reducing noise and retaining warmth helping to create a room perfect for sleeping, relaxation , contemplation or sometimes, study

Carpets come in a wide range of textures, densities, colours and price ranges making it a suitable choice for a wide range of bedroom styles and budgets.

Natural wooden flooring in bedrooms

Hardwood flooring is probably the next most popular choice for people looking for a more contemporary or natural feel to their bedroom decor.  Whilst not as soft or warm underfoot as carpet, the use of rugs make it feel more inviting in colder weather whilst not detracting from the natural look of the floor.

One consideration to take into account with wooden flooring generally is the lack of insulation so they can be noisy and are not therefore always suitable for apartments or flats.

Vinyl flooring in bedrooms

Whilst not an obvious choice for use in a bedroom, luxury vinyl tiles can actually be a very versatile cost effective option.  It gives the flexibility to reproduce the look of any material such as natural stone or hardwood but with a softer and warmer feel underfoot.  It also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns giving great versatility in how it is used and with easy maintenance and water resistant features can be a good choice for children’s bedrooms.

Laminate flooring for bedrooms

Again very popular for a more contemporary look and a cost effective alternative for those looking to achieve the look of a natural wood floor for their bedroom but do not have a large budget.

Lounge and Dining Room

Quality Flooring Options for your Lounge and Dining Room

Your lounge is an important room in your home, it is after all where you all relax after a hard long day. Therefore we understand you want a quality floor that helps make your lounge a comfortable and relaxing place.

In comparison your dining area or room needs a floor covering that will not only make the room look great but also be practical given the potential for spillages and the frequent movement of chairs.

At Floormart we offer helpful information and advice to enable you to select the right type of flooring for your lounge and dining room whatever the style and décor of your home.

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Lounge carpets

A quality lounge carpet can add warmth and a real feeling of luxury to your living room.  What’s more with the wide range of carpets and colours available you will certainly find something that will work well with your existing décor and meet your budget.

In busy family homes hard-wearing or even stain resistant carpets are a great way to keep your lounge or dining room looking great.

Natural lounge or dining room flooring

As an alternative to carpet, natural flooring such as sisal, seagrass or jute can be used within a lounge or dining room to give a great contemporary finish with lots of texture and character.  They also offer an environmentally friendly flooring option as well as being a good choice for those with allergies or respiratory disorders.
Wooden flooring for your lounge or dining room.

A wooden floor can look great in both period and contemporary properties and provides a very durable flooring option for busy family life where the lounge and dining room get lots of wear and tear.

Whether cost effective laminate, engineered wood flooring or a natural solid hardwood floor, Floormart can help you select the right choice for your budget and style of lounge or dining room.


Quality Kitchen Flooring for the Heart of your Home

The kitchen is the most frequently used room in your home and gets a tough time with people constantly running in and out, a range of spillages, and potentially home to the family pet.

Changing the floor in your kitchen can make an immediate and large impact on the overall look and feel of the room and given its importance within your home and family life it is important you get it right.

We have a lovely range of quality laminates, natural wood and vinyl flooring that will make your kitchen floor look beautiful and at the same time give you the durability and easy maintenance you need from this important room at the heart of your home.

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Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Not only comfortable and warm underfoot, luxury vinyl flooring is a cost-effective option for your kitchen floor, and, as it comes in a range of colours and patterns, an incredibly flexible option that will work well with any style of kitchen.

The durability, easy maintenance and affordable cost of vinyl flooring makes it an incredibly popular choice for use in kitchens.  At Floormart we can help you to select the right grade of vinyl tiles for use in a kitchen as well as give you inspiration on colours and patterns to add that wow factor.

Laminate and natural wood flooring

Laminate and natural wood flooring are also a popular choice for use in kitchens and work well with a range of different kitchen designs.

A quality laminate floor in your kitchen can give you the effect of a wood floor at a fraction of the cost of the real thing and is well suited for busy family life with lots of traffic in the kitchen. Selecting a laminate with beveled edges will help to give the appearance of real wooden floorboards.

A hardwood floor is an investment that will add value to your home and a real warmth and natural feel to your kitchen.  If maintained properly it can also be an incredibly durable and hard-wearing surface to deal with the constant traffic in your kitchen.

Bathroom, Laundry and Toilet

Stylish and Practical Bathroom Flooring

Your bathroom should be the place you go to be pampered and to relax so having a beautiful bathroom floor can make all of the difference.  At the same time however, the flooring you choose for your bathroom or shower room needs to be practical and should therefore be water and slip resistant as well as easy to clean.

 We have a great range of luxury vinyl, lino and quality laminate flooring which are perfect for use in bathrooms and en-suites.

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Quality laminate flooring

People often mistakenly think laminate flooring is not suitable for bathrooms, however as long as it comes with a water resistant core, then any spills of water don’t have to be wiped up as long as they are not lying around for a really long time. It can be a good option for those looking for great value (or cheap)stylish bathroom flooring!

When selecting bathroom laminate going for quality is the key and check what length of warranty comes as standard (some manufacturers can provide a 10 year warranty) – something our team can help you with.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is the most popular choice when it comes to bathroom flooring. It is considered highly water resistant and durable,  and as it comes in a wide choice of colours and finishes it can match any style of bathroom. It is also very popular with our layers due to its ease of installing and the great all round results can be achieved.

Halls, Stairs and Landings, Entrances

Quality Flooring for your Hall, Stairs and Landing

The hallway and stairs in your home are usually the first areas your friends and family see when they visit your home so why not let Floormart help give it the wow factor?

The type of flooring you choose needs to cope with the constant flow of traffic in these areas and so needs to be good quality and hard-wearing to ensure they stay looking great for longer.

Stair runners and accessories

Stair runners are a great way of showing off wooden flooring whilst still giving some warmth underfoot as the carpet is narrower than the width of the stairs.

They are available in carpet as well as natural flooring materials such as Sisal and Seagrass.  Other options include having extra decorative features such as brass stair rods or clips. More popular in the Northern Hemisphere,

Wood and laminate flooring

Wood and wood effect flooring helps create a warm feel to your home, adding flowing lines which make areas look longer. Quality Laminate can be a cost effective and modern choice for hallways as it provides a low maintenance and easy to clean surface to deal with the potential dirt from outdoor footwear. Similarly, natural wood, such as oak, works well in an entrance as it provides greater resistance against wear and tear.


If you want to use carpets for your hall, stairs and landing you need a ‘heavy duty domestic/commercial carpet’.