Commercial Flooring Solutions From Floormart

At Floormart we have been providing commercial and contract flooring to a wide range of companies and organisations since 1988. We understand you need a flooring supplier that can fit in seamlessly with your schedule and budget with a minimum of fuss.

We offer a free, no obligation flooring consultation during which we take the time to understand your requirements in detail so that we can provide advice on the most appropriate flooring solution for your needs. We then manage the entire flooring project from start to finish ensuring it is completed on time and in budget.

To work with an efficient and professional commercial flooring partner on your next project:

Why choose Floormart?

  • Experienced commercial flooring team

We have the expertise, systems and processes in place to make any contract flooring project a success.  Our extensive portfolio includes projects from companies such as

  • Huge choice of flooring options

We work with small and large businesses alike to provide commercial flooring solutions that are durable, good quality and well-fitted. Whether you are looking for carpets, carpet-tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, hardwood or laminate – we have a huge range to choose from. As well as increasingly, environmentally friendly flooring options.

  • No Obligation Consultation at your Premises

Our onsite flooring consultation means that we come to you so that you don’t have to spend time away from your desk and so that you can see samples in the light and the environment they will be fitted in. However, we do have a full range of the products in our retail store

  • Exemplary Service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service from a quick quote turnaround (within 48 hours) to excellent fitting. We aim to make your re-flooring project as easy and stress-free as possible and for the supply and installation to fit in seamlessly with your schedule.

  • Collaboration with other Contractors

We are also happy to work alongside your architect, interior designer or other contractors to help get the perfect finish and design for your space. Our team can liaise with the other contractors to schedule our flooring work around the other elements of your project, we can work at short notice or out of office hours as required.

Agents and Landlords, Property Managers

Floormart has worked with many property Investors and Agents in maintaining rental properties in Hawkes Bay. Floormart understands the critical requirements, small ‘windows of opportunity’ to quickly re-carpet and re-vinyl properties after one tenant has left and another arrives. We know you need a quick turnaround as an empty house makes no money. Floormart has an excellent range of carpets and vinyl in stock to cater for this segment of business. Hard wearing and cost effective products are critical and affordable commercially rated vinyl is essential. Fridges, deep freezes, and laundry whiteware can cause havoc in the working area of the house. We have specially selected products to meet these requirements.

  • Carpet, wool, and nylon options
  • Vinyls
  • Planking
  • Safety floor
  • Underlay (foam)
  • Mats
  • Qualified floor layers
  • Wet floor area (showers etc)
  • Paraplegic flooring options
  • Coving requirements
  • Overlocking service

Schools, Universities/Eit and Kindergartens

Floormart understands the key requirements when flooring is required for the education sector. Foot traffic , movement of tables, desks and chairs,sports footwear, must be considered. Floors endure a lot of wear and durability is essential in these facilities.

Spillage, general and constant use of cleaning agents and vacuum cleaners all have an impact on the flooring. Fortunately there are many options available to cope with these situations. Holiday times are important “windows” for installations

  • Commercial carpet
  • Commercial quality vinyl
  • Safety flooring
  • Slip resistant vinyl flooring
  • Matting
  • Stair nosing or edge protection corners etc
  • Chemical resistant flooring
  • Acoustic carpet floors to reduce noise
  • Flooring for showers and toilet areas
  • Wall vinyl

Specialist Flooring Supplier for a Wide Range of Industries

Agents and Landlords, Care Homes and Care Environments, Developers, Housing Associations, Hotels and Motels, Offices, Retail, Restaurant and Food services, Schools and Universities, Venues

Care Home and Retirement Villagers

Easy care, easy maintenance and functionality. A bright cherry atmosphere is critical to the positive wellbeing of both staff and patients/occupants. Floormart stock/procure and have access to great variety of flooring

  • Commercial grade vinyl sheet
  • Safety floor vinyl suitable for general and paraplegic requirements
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Broadloom carpet treated for odour (anti bacterial) for ease of maintenance
  • Large Inspiring range of colours
  • Entrance matting
  • Wet floor showers and bathrooms


From practical to elegant carpets and flooring for both hotels and motels. There is a large range available to satisfy your needs.

  • Unique and stunning designs of both carpet and hard flooring
  • Large colour range of carpets
  • Overlay wood flooring
  • LVT vinyl tiles
  • Acoustic sound
  • Safety floor
  • Entrance


Floormart has a large range of flooring to enhance your facility. From cozy warm atmosphere to the electric and jazzy. Bespoke carpets and bright vinyls are available to bring special ambience to your business.

Types of flooring suitable include

  • Carpet tiles
  • Broadloom carpet (3.66m and 4m wide)
  • Solution dyed nylon carpet
  • Vinyl planks and tiles
  • Wood overlay planking
  • Sheet vinyl and high variety of patterns
  • Safety flooring ,behind the Bar and Cloak Room areas etc.
  • Marmoleum/Linoleum
  • Entrance matting
  • Take home samples


Floormart can assemble ‘housing’ packages to suit and enhance the decor of family homes. A complete range of quality carpets to suit all budgets. Many manufactures have a  quality and colour range in a “good” “better” “best”. This caters from budget to quality homes.[ Quality is Residential Extra Heavy Duty]

Where clients have strict guidelines regarding budget or high end, quality establishments,all these needs can be met.

Floormart understands and enjoys working with builders to ensure jobs are completed orderly and in sync with the needs of both the homeowner, the tradies and the builder.

  • Carpet –   wool/nylon/polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Planking
  • LVT
  • Wood, bamboo overlay
  • Matting
  • Overlocking for spare mats
  • Cork
  • Wetfloor showers


Since 1985 Floormart have supplied a wide range of flooring to offices. Carpet and hard flooring endures constant wear and tear. Quality commercial carpet in the office are generally designed, low pile, high density carpet is important. If underlay is required for acoustic requirements to reduce noise a specialty underlay will need to be used. Some carpet is directly stuck to the floor. Because of the constant use of wheelchairs, thinner high density underlay is used. It is recommended that all desks have polycarbonate carpet protectors. This will reduce chair wheels damaging the carpet. Carpet tiles are now the premium product in offices. Durability is important in an office environment. Floormart can supply

  • Broadloom carpet [3.66 or 4.00 m wide]
  • Carpet tiles
  • Protectors (carpet)
  • Entrance matting
  • Vinyl for wet areas (kitchens, cloak rooms, etc)
  • Safety flooring
  • Vinyl for deck tops
  • Rubber cable protectors
  • Free measure and quote


Floormart has a great range of suitable flooring for the retail sector. Commercial quality carpet and vinyl. Design and layout is very important. Colour, softness, underlay options, direct glueing to the floor. Carpet tiles are becoming increasingly practical and popular. If damage occurs a tile can be uplifted and replaced without having to remove and replace a large piece of carpet. Every shop has their specialty requirements. Timing is very important, many shops require laying of flooring done after hours. So don’t hesitate to negotiate these details, Floormart will be very happy to meet your particular needs. We have these flooring options available:

  • Carpet wool, nylon polypropylene, polyester
  • Carpet tiles
  • Bespoke options
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl planking or overlay
  • Wood flooring
  • Matting
  • Safety flooring
  • Vinyl Tiles
  • Free quote and measure

Venues and Clubs

The “wow” factor is important when introducing or refurbishing entertainment venues flooring. Bold, colourful decor floors matter. Durable and hard wearing surfaces are very important. These places endure intensive foot traffic over short periods. Floormart  in association with suppliers floormart can also provide flooring to protect specialty playing areas, eg basketball, squash, hardwood floors, indoor games courts. Specialty vinyl for courts is available.

  • Carpet(commercial) Carpet tiles
  • Specialty vinyl flooring
  • Safety vinyl flooring
  • Slip resistant vinyl flooring
  • Safety matting
  • Vinyl for showers and wet areas
  • Matting
  • Free measure and quote
  • Design