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Vinyl Cleaning Advice

Vinyl care

On completion of installation, clean the vinyl with a mild neutral pH detergent.  Never use solvents to erase logos on vinyl’s surfaces; they are water soluable.

All floorcoverings can be stained by dirt over time if ongoing maintenance practices are not followed.

  1. Avoid using polishing products and waxes
  2. Do not use rubber protectors on chairs and furniture feet. Felt or plastic is preferable.
  3. Rigid floor protectors will help to prevent formation of permanent indentations under heavy furniture, (eg hutch dressers, tables etc.)
  4. Tar, grease, dyes, ballpoint or marker pens, ink etc can cause permanent damage to vinyl floors.
  5. Vinyl may show a discolouration where, for instance, under rugs and furniture where there has been no exposure to light. These areas should return to normal after a few weeks of exposure to light.

Door mats

The use of exterior door mats is highly recommended for doorways leading in from outdoors.  This definitely helps to protect the vinyl surface from abrasive grit (small stone chips, sand etc) carried in on footwear.

  • Regular maintenance is essential
  • Daily – soft broom, vacuum or damp microfiber-type floor mop
  • Weekly – Use a neutral pH detergent and rinse with water, microfiber preferable.

(NB) Avoid steam applicators on all vinyl, especially vinyl tiles or planks (e.g. Karndean, Floorworks)

For cleaning homogeneous vinyl’s, clean as above, however contact a professional commercial cleaner if you require the area to be buffed and polished to improve the surface.

Always take extreme care when moving large heavy home appliances (e.g. freezers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers).  These objects can easily cause tears and rips in the vinyl.