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Carpet Cleaning Advice

Carpet care

General maintenance on carpet is essential to maintain its appearance and lustre.

Vacuum your carpet at least 2 to 3 times weekly.  This ensures soil and grit are removed before particles work down into the carpet pile.  The main use areas (dining and family rooms, hallways) may need more frequent vacuuming.  Brush head vacuum cleaners give a good performance on cut pile carpets, but should be avoided on loop pile carpet.  Vacuum at least monthly over the total area (e.g. under beds and furniture and around edges etc.).


Wool has natural soil shedding properties and if carpets are vacuumed regularly and spillages properly cleaned up when they occur, carpet shampooing is required only infrequently.  Hot water extraction is the most effective way of carpet cleaning.  Ensure a qualified carpet cleaner is contracted to this.

Many synthetic carpets e.g. nylon, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic carpets have stain reducing qualities, however all these carpets benefit from a shampoo from time to time.  Some manufacturers have specific cleaning requirements.